1 SI CANopen

Características destacadas

  • Plug-in CANopen master/slave module for the SIMATIC ET200S modular I/O system
  • Connects up to 126 CANopen slave nodes in master mode
  • SIMATIC ET200S stand-alone operation supported
  • Module hot swap supported - replacement without removing power
  • Isochronous mode supported
  • Pre-build function blocks available for easy PLC programming in SIMATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal
  • Can be imported into the hardware catalogue of SIMATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal
  • Support for transparent CAN 2.0A protocols
  • Anybus Configuration Manager CANopen available as part of 1 SI CANopen Startup Kit
  • 3 year product guarantee


Plug-in CANopen Master/Slave module for
SIMATIC® ET200S modular I/O system

The 1 SI CANopen module brings CANopen connectivity to the SIMATIC ET200S modular I/O system, enabling full integration between devices on a CANopen network and the ET200S. Furthermore, the addition of 1 SI CANopen module into the ET200S system allows a CANopen network to be seamlessly controlled from PROFIBUS and PROFINET.

With the 1 SI CANopen module HMS integrates its CANopen master technology with the SIMATIC architecture. The 1SI CANopen module enables easy integration of SIMATIC equipment into business segments where CANopen and other CAN based protocols are used today, also opening up the possibility for PROFIBUS or PROFINET controllers such as the S7 series of advanced controller devices to interact with CAN and CANopen fieldbus devices (gateways).

The 1 SI CANopen module is supported by all interface and CPU modules of the SIMATIC ET200S modular I/O sytem, with the exception of the Basic and Compact versions.

CANopen configuration and TIA Portal integration

Easy integration into the SIMATIC world is one of the most essential requirements when extending of the SIMATIC automation system with networked fieldbus equipment that is not based on either PROFIBUS or PROFINET. HMS has addressed this need enabling a seamless integration of the 1 SI CANopen module into either SIATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal. Configuration of the connected CANopen network is intuitively performed with the optional Anybus Configuration Manager - CANopen.

Once the configuration is finalized, the CANopen network configuration may be uploaded to and stored in the PROFIBUS or PROFINET PLC or the ET200S I/O system CPU. If a 1 SI CANopen module has to be replaced, the previously stored configuration can be downloaded from the PLC to the new module, significantly reducing down-times in high availability applications. 1 SI CANopen modules may be replaced while the ET200S is powered.

Transparent CAN 2.0A functionality with the 1 SI CANopen

With the transparent CAN functionality, the 1 SI CANopen module allows transmission of any CAN frame from the PLC regardless of the higher level CAN protocol and is capable of receiving a number of pre-defined CAN frames from the CAN network.

CAN 2.0A is the underlying protocol of many fieldbus protocols, CANopen being one of them. When the application disables CANopen functionality, it still retains access to this protocol.

HMS provides dedicated PLC function blocks for the transparent CAN functionality that give the designer of the PLC program the possibility to interpret and generate any CAN frame directly in the PLC program and thereby making it possible to implement customer specific protocols. Furthermore, it is also possible to connect devices that only support customer specific CAN protocols to a PROFIBUS or PROFINET network.

Functionality supported in transparent CAN mode

  • Functionality to transmit and receive CAN frames in the PLC program
  • Possibility to implement any custom CAN based protocol on the slave side, which is controlled by the PLC
  • Special PLC function blocks available for easy integration in to SIMATIC STEP 7 or TIA Portal
  • Supports for CAN 2.0A (11 bit CAN identifier) only
  • Selectable bit rate from 20 kbit/s – 1 Mbit/s
  • CANopen functionality is disabled when the transparent CAN mode is used

Ordering information

020570-B 1 SI CANopen module for SIMATIC ET200S
021670-B Anybus Configuration Manager - CANopen Configuration Kit
Includes:  License, CD with software, USB-to-CAN V2 compact
021220-B 1 SI CANopen Startup Kit
Includes: 1 SI CANopen for SIMATIC ET200S, Anybus Configuration Manager - CANopen,
License, CD with software, USB-to-CAN V2 compact, CAN cables

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Power supply +24 VDC +20 / -15%, supplied from Power module PM-E
Current consumption Max 0.8 W – 33 mA at 24 V
Dimensions Width: 15 mm
Height: 81 mm
Depth: 52 mm
Weight 40 g
Temperature Operating: 0 °C to +60 °C, +32 °F to +140 °F
Non-operating: -40 °C to +70 °C, -40 °F to +158 °C
Relative humidity Operating: 15 to 95% non condensing
Non-operating: 5 to 95% non condensing
Housing Plastic housing, plug-in module, protection class IP20
Certification CE, UL, cUL & ROHS

Referencia Descripcion
020570-B Plug-in CANopen Master/Slave module for <br/> SIMATIC® ET200S modular I/O system
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