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ACT (Automotive Configuration Tool) is a powerful and easy to use PC software package for the FRC-EP Embedded Platforms with versatile functions.

ACT Bundle contains the following modules

  • IxAdmin - Administration tool for the embedded platforms
  • Vehicle Editor - For management of the bus descriptions files
  • Residual bus simulation (RBS), including:
    - XCPonEthernet support
    - HIL signal manipulation support
  • Gateway, including:
    - FlexRay / CAN / CAN FD protocol support
    - Analog / Digital IO functionality
    - Signal / data logger
    - Generic Ethernet - For handling up to 16 "virtual CAN on Ethernet" buses
    - EtherCAT extension for FRC-EP 190
    - FDX support
    - Signal visualization functionality
    - MATLAB/SIMULINK support 
    - User code support
    - Functional model support
  • Development tool

A detailed function description can be found on the
ACT overview page.

Contents of delivery

  • Software as download from the webpage
  • Installation manual
  • USB dongle

Order number

1.12.0248.00001 ACT Bundle


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1.12.0248.00001 ACT Bundle
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