Características destacadas

  • Self RS485 line turn-around
  • 1500 Veff galvanic isolation
  • Speed up to 250 Kbps
  • SUB D9 connector for RS232 port
  • Screw-in terminal for RS422/485 port
  • Metal casing, CE standards
  • LED signal display
  • M.T.B.F. > 300.000 P.O.H.


Designed to connect directly to PCs, this converter has a female SUB D9 connector to the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS-422/485 port.


Its advanced technology provides speeds of 250 Kbps, making it ideal for the fast RS232 ports on modern computers.


The high level of integration and built-in protection make the AD400Ei extremely reliable and compact.


The technical characteristics make it a universal product at a very attractive price.


Ordering information
    AD400Ei   RS232 <> RS422/485 isolated converter with self-line turn-around (miniature screwdriver and USB power cable included)   Preconfigured versions available for quantity orders (remote power supply …)    

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Conversion RS232 to RS422 or RS485 with automatic (or software) RS485 turnaround, line polarization and termination via miniature jumpers
Speed Up to 250 Kbps
Connections Female SUB D9 connector to the RS232 port and a screw-in connecting terminal for the RS422/485
Signaling TxD and RxD signal display on LEDs
Power From an external source (external power between +4,7VDC and +5.5VDC, symmetrical jack for left or right side connection - USB power cable included), optional remote power supply
Fan-out 128 RS485 interfaces in homogenous network
Protections HF Filtration, DES IEC801-2 protection, level 4, max. 15KV Surge protection by "transient voltage suppressors", 0.3 KW 8/20 µS, 1500 Veff galvanic isolation
Consumption 150 mA, 32 RS485 interfaces with termination (maximum)
Environment Operating temperature between 0°C and +65°C Relative humidity 95% to +25°C
Dimensions 73 mm (L) x 31 mm (l) x 14.8 mm (H), 31 g.
Accessories Miniature screwdriver and USB power cable

Referencia Descripcion
AD400Ei AD400Ei RS232 <> RS422/RS485 isolated converter
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