Anybus Communicator - USS Master to PROFINET-IO Device

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The Anybus Communicator “USS” gateway interconnects Siemens Drives with USS-Interface to PROFINET-IO. The Gateway acts as “Device/Slave” on the Profinet side and operates as Master on the USS side. Up to 31 drives with USS-Interface can be simultaneously connected to one Anybus USS Gateway. The Gateway permits parameterization, monitoring and control of the drives via PROFINET-IO.

Gateway configuration of the PROFINET side as well as the USS master side is made using a PROFINET configuration tool, eg. Step7. The Anybus Communicator USS Gateway was jointly developed by HMS and Siemens and is tested and approved for usage with the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES series, the MICROMASTER MM4xx series and SINAMICS G110.

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AB7043 Anybus Communicator - USS Master to PROFINET-IO Device
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