Siempre que se requiera una grabación autosuficiente y continua de las señales del PLC, nuestros clientes confían en la BLACKBOX para PLC-ANALYZER pro 6.
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Características destacadas

  • Long term recording
  • Failure diagnosis
  • Objective control of operating parameters
  • Warrenty: incorruptible clarification
  • Clarification of plant shutdowns
  • Condition monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Batch control
  • Remote maintenance


With the BLACKBOX 3, AUTEM offers an ultra-compact system for PLC process data recording, monitoring and remote maintenance of machines and systems based on the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6. The industrial PC can be easily integrated thanks to its small dimensions.

The BLACKBOX 3 can continuously record and archive process data over a very long period of time. In addition, video data can also be recorded synchronously with the PLC process data (Videotrack module).

Fields of application
  • Long term recording
  • Failure diagnosis
  • Objective control of operating parameters
  • Warrenty: incorruptible clarification
  • Clarification of plant shutdowns
  • Condition monitoring
  • Quality assurance
  • Batch control
  • Remote maintenance

After power-on, the BLACKBOX 3 automatically starts signal recording and then runs autonomously.

BLACKBOX 3 front + rear, BLACKBOX 3: Ultra-compact system for PLC process data recording magnifyglass

For manufacturers and users of machines and plants this form of continuous recording is very advantageous. It is used in particular for troubleshooting and for documenting the operating behaviour and running of the plant. Maintenance, construction and quality assurance receive valuable information.

The stored data also serve as incorruptible evidence in the investigation of causes and analysis of malfunctions and the clarification of warranty issues.

Ideally, the machine manufacturer equips his system with BLACKBOX 3 right from the factory in order to have immediate access to all important process data in the event of a fault. The BLACKBOX 3 can also be used as a condition monitoring system for predictive maintenance.

Communication with the PLC is via the paths supported by the PLC-ANALYZER pro 6, e.g. TCP/IP PROFINET, PROFIBUS, PG interface, Modbus+ or OPC UA. Process data can be acquired simultaneously from several PLCs.

The optionally available AD_USB-Box® also allows the acquisition of external electrical measured values that are not available in the PLC.

The BLACKBOX 3 can be installed permanently or temporarily in the system. Locally or remotely, you can access the recorded data for further analysis at any time – even during ongoing recording. With the optional Virtual HMI module, which allows subsequent HMI visualization from recorded process data, operator errors – e.g. in a crane – can be analyzed extremely elegantly. This is a particular aid in clarifying plant accidents.

PLC-ANALYZER 6 - Videotrack module, Plant monitoring with BLACKBOX 3  magnifyglass

The BLACKBOX 3 is optimized for self-sufficient operation. An integrated watchdog ensures that the system automatically reboots in case of recording errors and continues recording. The operating status can be queried externally via a potential-free contact (“LIFE-INDICATOR”). Status messages can be transmitted automatically via SMS or e-mail (“REMOTE-STATUS-INDICATOR”).

The autarkic operation allows the uninterrupted signal recording over several years. When the SSD memory capacity is reached, the oldest signal file is automatically deleted to create storage space for new signal data (FIFO).

Machine documentation, Recording of machine cycles with BLACKBOX 3  magnifyglass

If required, keyboard, mouse and display can be connected to BLACKBOX 3. The multi connective system has 4 fast USB 3.0 connections and 2 LAN ports (Gigabit Ethernet). In addition, RS232/422/485 and various other interfaces (HDMI, DP, DVI-D) are on board. The remote access via LAN connection from any PC is particularly elegant. The necessary remote software and a suitable 3 m patch cable for direct connection are included in delivery. For remote access via the mobile phone network, the BLACKBOX 3 can be equipped with an internal 4G LTE modem.

The BLACKBOX 3 requires 9~30 Volt DC. The included power supply unit also allows operation at 100~240 Volt AC.

The system is delivered ready-to-use with the software license PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 for BLACKBOX 3 (basic module + PLC driver). Bundles for different PLC systems are available.

compact • autarkic • incorruptible – BLACKBOX 3, BLACKBOX 3

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Massive aluminium case
Mini-PC (FANless) with Intel Pentium Quadcore 1.6 GHz
500 GB SSD / 4 GB RAM
Dimensions (WxDxH): 185 x 131 x 54 mm / 1,35 kg
DIN rail mounting / Adapter scope of delivery
4 x USB 3.0 (each 900 mA load-bearing)
2 x GbE LAN Port (Gigabit Ethernet)
Video output: HDMI, DVI-D, DP-Display Port
2 x 9 pol. D-Sub RS232/RS422/485 (COM1/COM2),
2 x 9 pol. D-Sub RS232 (COM3/COM4)
1 x CFast slot
2 x Antenna connection for opt. WLAN / 4G LTE-modem
Mini-PCIe slot for opt. add. modules (WLAN / 4G LTE …) full-size/half-size / integr. SIM card holder
Power supply 9 ~ 30 V DC, 25 W
Plug with cable for ext. DC power supply
power supply 100 ~ 240 V AC, 1,5 A, 50 ~ 60 Hz
Connection for remote PWR-ON/OFF, plug incl.
Environment: -5°C ~ 55°C operating temperature (ambient with air flow / according to IEC60068-2-1, IEC60068-2-2, IEC60068-2-14), 10 % ~ 95 % rel. humidity – non-condensing
Signal recording capacity typ. Ø 3 years*
Watchdog monitoring
External, free floating contact (“LIFE-INDICATOR”) for external indication of operating status (plug is scope of delivery)
Status messages via E-mail or SMS (opt.) („REMOTE-STATUS-INDICATOR“)
3 m LAN patch cable (Cat. 5e) for direct remote control by external PC scope of delivery
Windows 10 pro (64-Bit) (multi-language)
Remote control via LAN, WAN, (Radio-) Modem/Internet (VPN) possible
BLACKBOX-license PLC-ANALYZER pro 6 with
desired PLC-driver documentation
System preconfigured ready-to-use
CE, FCC Class A
48 hour Burn-In, 12 months warranty

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