CANbridge NT420

Características destacadas

  • Up to 4 CAN (2 CAN FD) channels in one device
  • Powerful filter, ID translation, data mapping and multiplex functionality
  • Easy configuration using a Windows-based tool


The CANbridge NT is offered in two versions, as CANbridge NT 200 with 2 classic CAN channels and as CANbridge NT 420 with 4 CAN channels, where 2 channels can be switched between CAN and CAN FD.
Both devices allow the easy coupling of CAN (CAN FD) networks, including networks with different bit rates or frame formats (11/29 bit identifier). The bridges/routers have a powerful microcontroller that can perform message filtering, ID translation and data multiplexing (e.g. required for CAN FD to CAN message conversion), at this even bursts at higher data rates can be processed without message loss.


  • Easy coupling of CAN and CAN FD systems and devices
  • Cost savings due to simple wiring
  • Allows system expansion and tree/star topologies
  • Increased system reliability
  • Line protection by galvanic isolation

How it works

Unlike a CAN Repeater, which only translates the electric signals, the CAN messages are received completely by the CANbridge NT and then sent to the other CAN or CAN FD network in line with existing filter, conversion, port mapping or multiplex rules (Store-Forward principle). By using mapping tables the message reception/transmission is possible between all 4 channels.

With the aid of filter and conversion rules, CAN or CAN FD messages can be filtered or modified. With these mechanism, the bus load can be reduced in the individual networks by only sending messages which are of interest to the other network. Data multiplexing allows the mapping of e.g. CAN FD frame data into several standard CAN messages.  


The configuration of the CANbridge NT can be done by using the included Windows-based configuration tool. Using the tool the configuration of filter, mapping, multiplexer or translation rules can be made very easily without programming knowledge.   

Technical specifications

CAN baud-rates
Classic CAN: 5 to 1000 kBaud
CAN-FD: 5 to 8000 kBaud 
CAN bus termination resistor None
CAN transceiver Texas Instruments SN65HVD251PTexas Instruments SN65HVD251P
Max. number of bus nodes 120
Power supply 9 V to 36 V DC
Current consumption Typically 110 mA (at 24 V input voltage)
Galvanic isolation 1 kV for 1 sec
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Protection class IP20
Dimensions 114.5 x 99 x 22.5 mm
Weight Approx. 150 g
Certification CE, FCC

Contents of delivery

  • CANbridge NT 200 or CANbridge NT 420
  • CD with CAN-Gateway Configurator
  • Manual
  • Mini USB cable

Order number

1.01.0331.20000 CANbridge NT200 - 2 x CAN 
1.01.0331.42000 CANbridge NT420 - 4 x CAN (2 channels switchable between CAN and CAN FD)

Referencia Descripcion
1.01.0331.42000 Configurable CAN-to-CAN Bridge/Router with CAN FD Support
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