CANopen Device Manager

Características destacadas

  • Comprehensive CANopen functionality including NMT node and error control services, SDO client, PDO consumer and producer
  • Support for SDO block transfer
  • LSS master functionality according to CiA 305  
  • Configuration and firmware download according to CiA 302
  • Customized plug-in modules covering dedicated CANopen diagnostics or service functionality


Powerful CANopen service and diagnostics
tool for service staff and developers

The IXXAT CANopen® Device Manager is a versatile and upgradeable tool aimed at device test, diagnostics, and field service tasks. Built around a central component that manages the CANopen services while serving as the primary entry point for network definition, the CANopen Device Manager covers functionality like NMT node and error control, SDO client (including block transfer with CRC), PDO producer and consumer, SYNC and time stamp producer. It also offers concise DCF and firmware download according to CiA 302, LSS master according to CiA 305.

Functions and services

Plug-in modules
The highlight of the IXXAT CANopen Device Manager is the support for plug-in modules that are tailored to specific requirements of CANopen devices and systems. Plug-in modules may be dynamically installed at run time and can integrate seamlessly with CANopen Device Manager. Plug-in modules implement a high-level abstraction of functionality as described in the CiA CANopen specifications.
On request, IXXAT can develop customer specific plug-in modules that provide an entirely customized graphical user interface optimized for the requirements of device commissioning or maintenance tasks performed by a service staff.

SDO services
Direct device access is supported by means of SDO services (normal, expedited, and block transfer including CRC calculation). From the user point of view, SDO access to the device is considerably simplified by an object dictionary browser that interprets device description information contained in electronic device description files (EDS or XDD). Large data blocks can be directly written to or read from a file, and may be optionally displayed in a separate dialog in both ASCII and hexadecimal representations.

PDO services
The CANopen Device Manager supports PDO read and write services as specified in CiA 301. During a CANopen device or a network scan, configuration data for all PDOs that are supported by the detected devices are uploaded and both communication and mapping parameters are displayed in the form of a summary list. To allow for diagnostics and testing of synchronous PDO transmission, CANopen Device Manager supports single-shot or periodic generation of SYNC messages according to CiA 301, with a cycle time resolution of 1ms.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32/64 Bit), Windows 8 (32/64 Bit)
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • IXXAT CAN interface card and VCI V3 CAN driver

Contents of delivery

  • CANopen Device Manager Software as single-user license
  • CodeMeter USB License key
  • User Manual

Order number

1.12.0157.00000 CANopen Device Manager


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1.12.0157.00000 CANopen Device Manager
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