DeviceNet Module

Características destacadas

  • Simplifies analysis of DeviceNet networks and devices
  • Direct display of all DeviceNet messages according to DeviceNet specification
  • Easy integration into canAnalyser test environment


DeviceNet Interpreter for canAnalyser

As an addition to the canAnalyser, the DeviceNet module interprets all received CAN messages according to the ODVA DeviceNet standard and displays the received parameters according to Message Group, MAC ID and Message ID.

How it works

The incoming information is divided into Unconnected Message, Explicit Message, I/O Message, Duplicate MAC-ID Check Message, Device Heartbeat Message, Device Shutdown Message, Offline Connection Set as well as reserved and invalid DeviceNet messages and their content decoded, depending on type:

  • Explicit Messages: All specified common services and class names as well as the error responses are displayed. Furthermore the fragmentation protocol is analyzed and monitored. The interpretation of Explicit Messages is based on the connection table which contains the used message format. The connection table is filled automatically by detection of the connection set-up and can be configured manually.
  • I/O Messages: Support of both Predefined Master/Slave Connection Set (Poll, Bit-Strobe, COS/Cyclic, Multicast Poll) and dynamic messages from groups 1 and 3. Fragmented I/O Messages can be configured by the user; for these messages, the fragmentation protocol is analyzed and monitored.
  • Unconnected: Unconnected Message Manager Port (UCMM) and Unconnected Port of the Predefined Master Slave Connection Set are supported.


In addition, filtering of the received messages according to both MAC-ID and message type can be set and saved during operation.

For further processing of the interpreted data in other applications, the content of the analysis window can be exported to a text file (CSV format).

System requirements

  • canAnalyser or canAnalyser-lite (Version 3.0 or newer)


Contents of delivery

  • Software as single-user license
  • User manual


Order number

1.12.0148.30000 DeviceNet Module for canAnalyser/canAnalyser-lite


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1.12.0148.30000 DeviceNet Module
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