Frontline Test Equipment is pleased to announce the release of a compact, portable, aggregating Ethernet network tap that interfaces to the PC via USB. This new device, the Ethernet ComProbe, is non-intrusive, passive and captures bi-directional Ethernet data. The Ethernet ComProbe is compatible with NetDecoder™ and Ethertest™ software protocol analyzers. The Ethernet ComProbe is also compatible with the free, open-source Wireshark protocol analyzer.

  • The tap captures and aggregates bi-directional Ethernet data. The captured data is sent to the analysis PC via a single USB port.
  • The tap is transparent and non-intrusive. The analysis PC does not show up as a node on the network.
  • The tap captures bad (or broken) Ethernet frames. Regular NIC cards discard such frames.
  • There is no need for an external power supply. The tap uses USB power during data capture.
  • Network connection is guaranteed even without USB port connection.
  • The tap enables data capture without the need for expensive managed switches.
  • There is no need to make complicated configuration changes in managed switches to capture data.
  • Includes Hardware Capture filters
  • Compatible with free, open source Wireshark protocol analyzer