Cod: 20284 - Nombre: IBH Link S5++

IBHLink S5++

AS511-Ethernet, Operation with S7 HMI devices possible

The IBH link S5++ is a cost-efficient alternative solution for conventional PLC-PC-connections via Ethernet.

Características destacadas

  • Para los Autómatas / PLCs Siemens S5:
  • S5-xxx mediante PG-Port (Protocolo AS511), con IBH-Link S5++.
  • Puerto PG (Protocolo AS511) en el Conector DB15.
  • Ethernet en el conector RJ45.
  • Alimentacion: 24 Vdc.

The IBH link S5++ is a cost-efficient alternative solution for conventional PLC-PC-connections via Ethernet. If a PLC has to be connected via Ethernet with a PC, usually a CP communication processor needs to be applied to the PLCs rack. Due to the increasing integration in automation technology, more than ever a connection from a PLC to a PC is required. In general, the communication processors (e.g. CPs from Siemens, or Ethernet components from other manufacturers) are used for the connection to the PLC. As an alternative solution, IBHsoftec has recently introduced the IBHLink S5++ for connecting a PLC with a PC. The IBHLink S5++ is a compact and robust Ethernet-converter within a 15-pin Sub-D-housing for a connection via a switch, a hub or even directly to a PC with a common network adaptor.

The used protocol is the standard TCP/IP protocol. In this way, the user can benefit from all the advantages of Ethernet like remote maintenance via a standard router or VPN-connections (Virtual Private Network). Likewise, a direct connection to the Internet is possible.

All required drivers for the STEP5 V7.16 or higher and for S5 for Windows® are included . Of course you can also use it with the IBH OPC Server.

S7-HMI devices can read and write variables from the S5 PLC using the RFC1006 protocol. Also the FETCH/WRITE protoccol is supported.

Besides the programming capabilities also an application programming interface for HMI applications is included. For Windows operating systems there are samples in the languages Visual Basic, Visual C, Visual C++,, Visual C#, Delphi, Java, Excel included.

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