IEEE 1588 PTP Manager

Características destacadas

  • Support for Unicast and Multicast connections
  • Automatic detection of Multicast PTP clocks within the connected network
  • Recognition of the master/slave relationship and display of the hierarchy as a tree
  • Display of the clocks, depending on their type, with different symbols
  • Display of the "One Way Delay", "Offset From Master" and "Observed Drift" history as graph
  • Multi-graph capability (several nodes can be simultaneously represented in the graph)
  • Supports data sets of the Ordinary, Boundary and Transparent Clocks
  • All PTP data sets of the clocks can be displayed
  • Adaptation of the clock configuration using the SET and COMMAND messages
  • Graphs can be exported as CSV file
  • The success of SET/COMMAND management messages will be displayed immediately (Presentation of Responses / Error Status TLVs)
  • Adjustable PTP domain


Tool for monitoring and configuration of IEEE 1588-2008 PTP networks

The PTP Manager allows monitoring, configuration and testing of an IEEE 1588-2008 network. The configuration of all detected PTP clocks can be simply viewed and modified by using the PTP manager. It supports all features of Ordinary, Boundary and Transparent Clocks, including fault logs and the Unicast Master Table. Complex configurations are not necessary, because only the desired network card of the Host PC has to be selected.

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Unicast support
The PTP Manager supports Unicast connections to PTP clocks. This enables the monitoring and configuration of clocks which are located behind non PTP-capable routers.

Automatic display of network hierarchy
The PTP clocks within a network are automatically detected and listed by the PTP Manager. In addition, the PTP Manager recognizes the master/slave relationship and displays this in tree view.

Presentation of synchronization data as graph
For convenient monitoring of the synchronization between master and slave, the PTP Manager can display the "One Way Delay", "Offset from Master" and "Observed drift" as graphs over the time. The measured values can be exported as CSV file. The graph-view can be set either to auto zoom or to manual zoom.

IEEE1588 Manager Screen 1   IEEE1588 Manager Screen 2

Contents of delivery

  • Program for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
  • Single user license
  • Manual

Order number

1.12.0318.20000 IEEE1588 PTP Manager (single license)


Especificaciones Tecnicas

Referencia Descripcion
1.12.0318.20000 IEEE 1588 PTP Manager
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