Características destacadas

  • Self-configurable serial link parameters
  • Serial speed up to 2Mbps
  • Optional dual RS232 port in RS485 half-duplex mode
  • Automatic RS485 line turn-around
  • LED display easy RS signals monitiring & diagnostic
  • Din Rail, wall, case and rack universal mounting
  • AC or DC power supply (depending on models)
  • Connectors are compatible with the ACKSYS MI400 series, the RS422/485 screw-in terminal is compatible with the Westermo TM MA-45 & MD-45 products
  • Built-in continuous line surge protection, ESD protection, and lightening protection
  • Robust metal housing, CE standards


Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, the MI400e-RD series allows you to install easily and quickly your industrial RS422/RS485 network while making advantage of an increased reliability.


The automatic RS485 line turn-around function contributes to the simplicity of the product installation; the MI400e-RD series automatically detects the direction of the serial data and is totally independent of the communication protocol.
Its original mechanism of self configuration frees you from the tiresome operation which consists in the serial parameters setup.


Its dual port feature also makes it possible to connect two RS232 serial devices to a single RS485 bus.


The MI400e-RD series accept 2 and 4 wires RS422/485 connection, for up to 1200m and support up to 32 bus connected equipments.


Its small size, design features and its great adaptability make it a really universal product capable to fit in all the needs of the industry.



Ordering information
    MI400e-RD   Isolated RS232 <> RS422/485 converter with self line turn-around, 85/264VAC and +100/370VDC power supply, IEC-320 power cord.    
    MI400e-RD-DC   Same as MI400e-RD, +9VDC to +36VDC low voltage power supply   Add the –2 suffix for the option dual RS232 port support over one RS485 port    

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Conversion One serial RS232 port to one RS422/RS485 port with RS485 mode self line turn-around*, optional dual RS232 slave ports to the RS485 port mode.
Speed From 50 bps to 2Mbps
Configuration Serial link parameters self configuration (auto-RTS), no switches. Line polarization, termination, echo mode and selection between RS422/RS485 modes are configurable by mini-switches.
Connections Male SUB D 9 connector on the RS232 side, 5 pins screw-in terminal on the RS422/485 side, compatible with the Westermo™ MA-45 & MD-45 products and the MI400-x series.
Signaling LED display for TxD, RxD & RTS signals, power supply and RS422/485 line error.
Power supply AC model works within the 85VAC to 264 VAC 47-440 Hz range and +100VDC to +370VDC (IEC-320 power cord), DC low voltage model works within the +9VDC to +36VDC range (screw-in terminal), consult us for extended power supply range.
Isolation 3 Kveff/1min opto-couplers line isolation, 4 Kveff/1min transformer power line isolation, DC 2 Kveff/1min isolation.
Fan-out Up to 256 RS422 / RS485 tranceivers
Input load 1/8 UL RS485
EMI-RFI protection Built-in continuous line surge protection (50 VCA), ESD protection (15 KVeff) and lightning protection (shock wave & residual effects).
EMC & Security NF EN 55022 emission for residential environment, NF EN 61000-6-2 immunity for industrial environment, NF EN 60950 security.
Consumption 6VA for the AC model, 3,5W for the DC model
Environment Operating temperature: from 0°C to +65°C Relative humidity: 95% at +25°C
Dimensions, weight 80 mm (L) x 90 mm (l) x 40 mm (H), 0.5 Kg AC model, 0.4 Kg DC model
Accessories Accessories for din rail mounting and braces for wall and rack mounting delivered with all models
* Less than 15uS turn-around delay for speed

Referencia Descripcion
MI400e-RD MI400e-RD RS232 <> RS422/RS485 fully isolated converter with self configuration and automatic line turn-around
MI400e-RD-DC MI400e-RD RS232 <> RS422/RS485 fully isolated converter with self configuration and automatic line turn-around
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