NB1600 Wireline

Características destacadas

  • OpenVPN Server
  • IPsec Concentrator
  • DynDNS Server
  • PPTP Server
  • Programmable with Arena


The NB1600 Wireline is the best choice for LAN-LAN communication and acts as device server, industrial firewall, VPN-router, protocol converter, I/O-module or simple IPC. For small and medium projects use this product on the central side as a VPN server

The NB1600 industrial firewall separates the local network & others from the factory LAN and allows the connection of a system to a central server using only one VPN connection. Using TCP port 80 for the VPN allows passing most firewalls in a factory or on customer side.

Configured as a VPN Server, up to 10 OpenVPN connections can be terminated in the device. All configurations and keys can be generated using the powerful web interface.

In its role as device server it can convert both the serial as well as the USB interface to IP to enable remote access to the interface. Any PC which has IP connection to the NetModule router can use the remote USB or RS-232 device as if it were directly connected. This allows the use of the original driver will be made possible.

The digital I/O can be configured and programmed by any device which is directly attached or from remote. Based on the state change of the input ports an application can be informed, the behavior of the NB1600 can be.

Using the SDK users can program the NB1600 using a simple script to implement all kind of applications. Preprocessing can be done directly on the router, which can save an additional IPC.

Other features and services are DHCP server, DNS proxy, Dynamic DNS Agent, SNMP agent, Telnet server, SSH server, Web server and e-mail and SMS. The in-strument is operated by the Web Manager or via command line.

Firmware update can be easily be performed from remote in a fail safe manner as well configuration update. With the SNMP interface the NetBox can integrated in a network management system for supervision.

  • Industrial Firewall
  • VPN Server
  • Serial Device Server
  • USB Device Server
  • Digital I/O Module

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Digital I/O 2 digital inputs, level 0 (not set): 0-4.0 VDC level 1 (set): 7.2-40 VDC 2 digital outputs, 0-60 VDC/1A, maximum switching capacity: 60 W Connector: 8 pins of 15-pin terminal block
Ethernet2 Ethernet ports, 10/100 Mbps, Auto MDX, bridged or routed, RJ45
SerialProtocol: 3-wire RS232 Connector type: 3 pins of 15-pin terminal block
USBUSB Host interface, type A
PowerRedundant power supply inputs Input voltage: 12V DC to 48V DC (-15% / +20%) Max. power consumption: 5W Connector type: 2+2 pins of 15-pin terminal block
Dimensions124.2mm x 45mm x 110mm, ca. 450g
EnvironmentTemperature range: -25 °C to +70 °C Ingress Protection Rating: IP40; MTBF: 547'000h
Safety StandardsEN60950-1:2006
EMC StandardsEN301489-1 V1.7.1, EN301489-7 V1.3.1 (Emission) EN61000-6-2:2005, EN50121-3-2:2006 and EN50121-4:2006 (Immunity)
Type ApprovalsCE according to directive 1995/5/EC (R&TTE) FCC according to 47 CFR, Part 15
Order numbers: NB1600-R(contact sales for more models, options or project specific adaptations) Wireline + VPN Router, Protocol Converter & Industrial Firewall

Referencia Descripcion
NB1600-R NB1600 Wireline VPN-Router, Protocol Converter & Industrial Firewall
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