NetCom Plus 1613

NetCom Plus 1613

NetCom Plus 813 (8x RS232/422/485, expandable) RK-NCP USB-8COM Plus (8x RS232/422/485, expandable) (NetCom 1611RM PRO, NetCom 1613RM PRO)
Protocolos: Modbus TCP

Características destacadas

  • Consists of 1xNetCom Plus 813 and 1xUSB-8COM Plus
  • Controls 16 RS232/422/485 devices located virtually anywhere via Ethernet, WLAN or Internet
  • Easy selection of RS232, RS422 or RS485 by single DIP switch or individually by software
  • LAN 1000/100/10 Ethernet auto-detect
  • NetCom Manager automatically finds NetCom+ devices in the network
  • Configuration over Driver Panels, serial Port, Telnet, WEB Browser, SNMP
  • Automatic mode switching between Driver and Raw Mode
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP, Telnet, DHCP, ICMP, HTTP, SNMP V1/2c/3, DNS, PPP, openVPN
  • SSL/AES-256 encryption on Ethernet, WLAN and Internet
  • Optional: Wireless network IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Optional: 3G/4G Modem for mobile networks


The NetCom+ 1613 actually is a combination of NetCom Plus 813 with USB-8COM Plus, mounted as a pair via a special Rack Mount kit. The NetCom Plus integrates the serial ports from the USB-8COM Plus into the services for the internal port. Both devices are connected via one USB cable, in essence the pair operates as one NetCom Plus with 16 simultaneous serial ports.
As the separate modules the NetCom+ 1613 is an industrial-strength network-based serial device servers for connecting sixteen RS232 devices (or RS485 communication lines) like CNC, PLC, weighting scale, scanner and others directly to a network running TCP/IP. The driver for Windows operating system installs Virtual Com Ports. The network is Gigabit Ethernet or optionally wireless by WLAN 802.11b/g/n.

The NetCom+ Servers use a state-of-the art RISC processor for low power and cost effective design. The serial ports enable data rates of up to 12Mbps in RS422/485 or 1000kbps in RS232 modes. The ports also allow every non-standard bitrate up to 3.5Mbps, and many above that (e.g. 4Mbps). See the FAQ.

NetCom+ can be configured over Driver Panels, WEB Browser, serial Port, Telnet, SNMP and serves as a transparent serial channel without platform and distance limitation.
As modern devices the NetCom+ provide encryption for all communication.

Secure Remote Monitoring SCADA system Building automation system Self-service banking system Industrial / Factory / Laboratory automation Automatic warehouse control system Wafer fabrication system Other remote and distributed serial devices control
66856694612NetCom Plus 813 (8x RS232/422/485, expandable) RK-NCP USB-8COM Plus (8x RS232/422/485, expandable)
Packing list

  • NetCom Plus Serial Device Server
  • USB-8COM Plus
  • Mounting kit for 19-inch rack
  • 2x Terminal block for Power Supply
  • CD-ROM with Driver and configuration software

6689WLAN Kit internal internal module 802.11b/g/n, pigtail and antenna Purchase time option, not for later retrofitting This option allows for replacement of NetCom 823RM WLAN
6031Power supply adapter 12V DC, 1A
661Serial Null-Modem adapter 9PF-9PF, change male to female
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Especificaciones Tecnicas

Ethernet interface Auto-detecting 1000BaseT/100BaseTx/10BaseT (GigaLAN) Connector 8P8C (RJ45)
Wireless interface Optional via internal module IEEE 802.11b/g/n operation in Access Point or Client Mode
Protocols TCP/IP, UDP, Telnet, PPP, DHCP, ICMP, HTTP, LPD, SNMP V1/2c/3, DNS, openVPN
No. of serial port 16x DSUB 9 male connector (as PC)
Serial interface RS232/422/485 individually selected by software or common by DIP-switch
Available Modes RS232 full duplexRS422 full duplex (120Ω on/off)RS485 4 wire, full duplex (120Ω on/off)RS485 2 wire, half duplex (120Ω on/off)Internal Termination, controlled by operation mode BIAS resistors not required
Signals RS232: TxD,RxD, RTS,CTS, DTR,DSR, DCD, GNDRS422: Tx+/-, Rx+/-, GNDRS485 2 wire: Data+/-, GNDRS485 4 wire: Tx+/-, Rx+/-, GND
RS485 Data control Controlled by ART (Automatic Receive Transmit control)
Mini PCIe slot Option: mPCIe over USB interface for 3G / 4G connections. Uses internal SIM slot.
Serial Performance
Speed RS232: 200 bps to 921.6/1000 kbpsRS422/485: 200 bps to 12 MbpsSupports non-standard baudrates
Parity None, even, odd, mark, space
Data bits 7, 8
Stop bits 1, 2
Operating Modes
Driver Mode VScom Driver for Windows up to 10, Server up to 2008 R2, both x86 and x64 Editions. The Driver creates a virtual Com port, using VScom NetCom protocol.
Other Modes TCP Raw Server, TCP Raw Client, Null Modem Tunnel, UDP Mode, Print Server and IP Modem
Power and Environment
Connector 3-pin Terminal Block with Protective Earth
Power requirements 9 - 54V DC, 0.5A @ 12V, 6W 0.8A @ 12V, 9W when USB-8COM Plus is supplied via USB
Dimension 437×147×44 mm³ (W×L×H)
Operating Temp −20°C - 65°C
Storage Temp −20°C – 85°C
Case SECC sheet metal (1mm). 2 cases!
Weight 1.9kg
Mounting 19-inch Rack
Declarations CE
Safety EN 60950-1
ESD EN 61000-4-2 8kV contact 16kV air for Serial PortsUSBEthernetDC Power connector
EMI EN 55022 Class AEN 61000-3-2EN 61000-3-3
EMS (EN 55024) EN 61000-4-3
Power (EN 55024) EN 61000-4-4EN 61000-4-5EN 61000-4-6
Special Features
Installation For easy installation the configuration utility NetCom Manager automatically finds NetCom+ devices in the network
Operating mode Automatic mode switching between Driver and TCP RAW Server mode.
PPP Access Dial-In to a modem attached to a serial port using Point to Point Protocol. TCP/IP is transported over the serial line, allowing access to configuration and the serial ports, even without Ethernet.
Configuration Configuration over Driver Panels, NetCom Manager, WEB Browser, serial console, Telnet, SNMP
Firewall Special precautions for Firewall environments
Firmware Firmware update over WEB Browser
LEDs LEDs for Power, Ready, WLAN, serial Tx, Rx, Ethernet Link, Speed
Password access Every capabilities of configuration use the same password including SNMP V3
Secure communication OpenVPN™ SSL tunnel provides security on Ethernet and Internet. The tunnel protects configuration and serial data, especially convenient to use across the Internet. OpenVPN software is available for many systems, including Windows, Linux and Mac OS. Strong encryption by AES up to 256 bit keys.

Referencia Descripcion
6694 NetCom Plus 813 (8x RS232/422/485, expandable) RK-NCP USB-8COM Plus (8x RS232/422/485, expandable) (NetCom 1611RM PRO, NetCom 1613RM PRO)
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