NetModule Cloud Router

NetModule Cloud Router

NetModule Cloud Router Cloud-based VPN Router with Web Manager for Linux
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Protocolos: OpenVPN

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Cloud Router acts as intermediary between control stations and NetModule Routers in the field. Cloud Router is a software package for Debian Linux.

In mobile environments we often face the problem that remote hosts are not reachable directly. Initiating a tunnel from the remote site gives reverse access to the equipment in the field. The heart of this architecture is the concentrator which terminates all VPN tunnels and passes through the traffic from and to management stations.

With a default configuration, new NetModule Routers are connected to the Cloud Router and then joint to the respective VPN. Two modes are supported: one-to-one NAT and routed networks. NATed remote networks have the advantage that the devices on each remote site can have identical configuration. This avoids reconfiguration of devices when moving them around or replacing them.

  • Secure m2m data communication
  • Remote access and management
  • Device clustering
  • Safe private networks
Installation Options
  • Debian/GNU Linux native
  • Virtual Debian/GNU Linux server
  • VirtualBox, KVM
  • LXC container
  • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)
  • Hetzner vServer
  • Others

Especificaciones Tecnicas

GUIThe Web Manager lets you easily configure the Cloud Router.
Operating SystemThe software is written for Linux and has been tested on Debian GNU/Linux 7.1 (Wheezy).
NetworkingConfiguration of WAN Interface Support for static routes.
OpenVPNThe software supports one OpenVPN server for 250 remote stations. OpenVPN may be used instead of Mobile IP. However, OpenVPN is not offering sessionsave roaming.
L2TP/IPsecThe software supports one L2TP/IPsec server for 100 control stations. Since L2TP/IPsec comes with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS this is the easiest way to hook up users (PC, Laptop, Smartphones) that need access to remote devices in the field.
Mobile IPThe software supports one mobile ip home agent for 250 mobile nodes. Mobile IP offers best availability of the remote devices due to seamless roaming and fast connection establishment. However, Mobile IP does not include any encryption.
HostingA Linux root server or a virtual server is required. The software has been tested on Amazon EC2 and Hetzner vServer.
InstallationThe software is available as Debian software package and can be installed with the Debian packet manager (dpkg).

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cloud_router NetModule Cloud Router Cloud-based VPN Router with Web Manager for Linux
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