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Pt100 sensor in a metal rod. 4 mm in diameter for a temperature range of -90 to +250°C. Teflon cable 3 m.

This version of the sensor is suitable for basic high-accuracy temperature measurement using Papago 2PT ETH. It can also be used as a Pt100 sensor for other devices and converters that are able to measure temperature from Pt100 sensors.

Technical parameters of the Pt100 sensor

Sensor type: Pt100 / 3850 ppm/°C
Accuracy class B: ±(0,3 + 0,005 | t | ) in °C
Connection: 4-wire
Measuring range: -90 to +250 °C
Maximum measuring current: 3 mA
Recommended measuring current: 1 mA
Sensor coating: IP 64
Response time: τ0,5 < 5 s (in flowing water > 0,2 m/s)
Housing material: Stainless steel (DIN 1.4301)
Housing diameter: 4,0 ± 0,1 mm
Housing length: 60 mm
Cable length: 3 m
Cable type: teflon, shielded
Shielding connection: cable shielding is not electrically connected to the sensor or housing
Lead resistance: 0,254 Ω / 1m at 25 °C
Temperature resistance of cable: -100 to +250 °C

Recommended distance of the cable from the power cables:

up to 0,5 m (according to the nature of interference)

Connection of Pt100 to Papago

The sensor is connected to Papago 2PT ETH using four wires. Individual colours are connected to the following terminals:

  • Blue ... D+
  • Red ... S+
  • White ... S-
  • Black ... D-

This picture shows the three most common ways to connect the Pt100 sensor. These are known as two-, three- or four-wire connection. If there is no special reason to connecti it otherwise, we recommend using the four-wire connection.

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SNS_PT100-90-250 Pt100 for -90 to +250 °C, metal rod
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