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QuidoDuplex ETH is a set of two I/O modules for Ethernet (LAN, computer network) with a special firmware designed specificaly to transmit digital I/Os over Ethernet as an autonomous system - no PCs or PLCs needed. If one input is turned on, the corresponding output on the other unit is also turned on. Bi-directional.

I/O module features

  • Digital two state signals are transmitted from one to the other and also the other way via Ethernet (or Internet).
  • Uses Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet to transmit data, no need to place new cabling and the distance is virtually unlimited.
  • Wide power voltage range: 8(12) to 30 V DC.
  • Set consists of two I/O modules Quido ETH 4/4 (or 8/8) with special firmware.
  • (power supply units not included, sold separately)


  • Transmission of control states over greater distances (status indication).
  • Easy remote controll - bi-directional transmission can be used for control and monitoring.
  • Transmitting digital I/Os over Internet


Example of bi-directional I/Os over Ethernet.

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QUIDO_DUP_ETH_4_1 QuidoDuplex ETH - Extender of digital I/Os, Ethernet
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