SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension

SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension

SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension
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Protocolos: J1939

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Implementation of diagnosis functions and messages
as an extension for the J1939 protocol stack

The Diagnostic Extension enables the expansion of the IXXAT J1939 protocol software by the diagnosis services (DM1 to DM32) as specified in J1939/73.

Diagnostic messages provide the utility needed when the vehicle is being repaired. They are also used during vehicle operation by the networked ECUs to allow them to report diagnostic information and self-compensate as appropriate, based on information received.

Diagnostic messages include services such as periodically broadcasting active diagnostic trouble codes, identifying operator diagnostic lamp status, reading or clearing diagnostic trouble codes, reading or writing control module memory, providing a security function, stopping/starting message broadcasts, reporting diagnostic readiness, etc.

To use the Diagnostic Extension the IXXAT SAE J1939 protocol software (1.02.0351.0000x) is required.

SAE J1939 Stack Diagnostic Extension

Contents of delivery

  • Source code in ANSI-C
  • Manual as PDF
  • Interface description in HTML
  • Sample programs in C
  • Product or product line license
  • Technical support

Further services

(not included in contents of delivery)

  • Maintenance contract
    HMS offers a maintenance contract to supplement the J1939 software package. The maintenance contract includes the following services during the contractual period:
    - Free updates and troubleshooting
    - Technical support

Order number

1.02.0354.x0000 Diagnostic Extension for J1939 (single channel)
1.02.0354.x0001 Diagnostic Extension for J1939 (multi channel)


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Especificaciones Tecnicas

Referencia Descripcion
1.02.0354.x0000 SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension
1.02.0354.x0001 SAE J1939 Diagnostic Extension
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