TME multi

TME multi

TME multi: Temperature and humidity via Ethernet
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Protocolos: Modbus TCP

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A device for measuring temperature and humidity at up to 32 locations. Configuration and preview of all measured values via a website. TME multi is able to send the current values to the server using HTTP GET requests and can also communicate via SNMP and Modbus TCP protocols. When the critical limits are exceeded the system sends e-mail warnings or SNMP traps.

New web interface to view the values and configure all the parameters.

TME multi is a completely autonomous system that communicates independently with sensors connected via the RS485 line and sends the obtained data to a remote server. No computer or any other superior system is needed to measure and send the obtained values.

Do your customers want to know in what conditions you store their goods? TME multi is the ideal solution. You and your customers can check the current temperature at any time. In addition, you can set the limit values at which an e-mail will be sent to your address. It can be easily forwarded to a mobile phone as an SMS.

The measured values are sent as the HTTP GET form data; they are also available in the XML format or via the Modbus TCP and SNMP protocols. Thus, data can be easily integrated into your company's system.

Connection of sensors and TME multi

The system can contain up to 32 devices. Four wires are sufficient to make the connections. The total cable length can be up to 1200 metres.

All sensors can be easily configured and settings done via a web interface.

Properties of the measuring system

  • A unit for measuring the temperature and humidity, communicating with TQS3 thermometers and THT2 sensors (temperature, humidity, dew point).
  • Up to 32 sensors on a cable of the total length of up to 1200 metres
  • Direct connection to the computer network (the Internet)
  • Internal web page with a table of actual values
  • New feature: Configuration of all parameters via a web interface
  • All values in XML format
  • Values sent to the server in the network using HTTP GET requests
  • SNMP protocol
  • New feature: Modbus TCP protocol
  • New feature: Simple addition of sensors into the system using their serial numbers.
  • Sending of e-mails and SNMP traps when values exceed the pre-set limits
  • Package contents: (1) TME Multi, (2) supply unit, (3) 1 m patch cable.

Applications of TME multi

  • Measures temperature and humidity in multiple locations and displays them on the website.
  • Monitors the temperature and humidity, and sends the values to the web server.

All values are available in XML

Example of XML from TME multi with two sensors:

view source
2    <sns id="1" vc="523" name="Box C" w1="1" mx1="200" mi1="-150" w2="0" mx2="300" mi2="-150" w3="1" mx3="400" mi3="-150" batt="3" s1="0" v1="-52" s2="0" v2="123" s3="0" v3="302" />
3    <sns id="3" vc="199" name="Outdoor" w1="1" mx1="300" mi1="-50" batt="3" s1="0" v1="271" />
4    <status unit="C" location="Apartment" />

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