Características destacadas

  • Complete galvanic isolation of RS232
  • Overvoltage protection
  • All RS232 signals are transferred and isolated (DCD, DSR, RXD, RTS, TXD, CTS, DTR, RI, GND)
  • Communication speed up to 460 kBd.
  • D-SUB 9 connectors (Cannon 9). UC232 connects to PC via a standard cable. Isolated port is a standard D-SUB 9 as PC COM port.
  • Power voltage 5V DC or 7 - 17V DC (Jack 3,5 x 1,3mm connecor, + inside)


UC232 is a complete RS232 isolator of all signals. It protects your PC, notebook or a different device against ground loops and overvoltage.

Usage of RS232 isolation

  • Protection against ground loops - protect your devides!
  • UC232 enhances RS232 signals.
  • Correction of the signal for notebooks or other dvices where there is not a sufficent voltage levels.

Block diagram

Both connectors are connected according to the standard.

UC232 - block diagram

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UC232 UC232 - RS232 Isolator
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