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Wiegand is a standard interface used in contactless card readers. Wiegand to RS485 bidirectional interface converter. Thus, standard contactless card readers can be easily connected to a PC or similar system wia RS485 interface.

Wiegand is a standard communication protocol used by contactless card readers. Wie485 allows you (1) to convert the protocol to the standard industrial RS485 bus. Thanks to Wie485 so you can easily connect standard contactless readers with Wiegand protocol to the PC. Wie485 can (2) can also generate the Wiegand protocol – i.e. to simulate contactless readers.

The output of Wie485 is either the number of the presented card, or directly a set of all bits received by Wiegand protocol, which can be read by RS485 using the MODBUS RTU protocol. Wie485 can also generate Wiegand based on information received via MODBUS RTU.

The current mode – i.e. Wiegand → RS485 or RS485 → Wiegand conversion – can be selected via switches on the top side.

Wie485 is a MODBUS Slave device processing data in Wiegand protocols (any type: 1 to 64 bit). As for generating Wiegand, Wie485 can generate Wiegand in lengths of up to 64 bits. The RS485 line in the converter is galvanically isolated from other parts of the device.

Using the Wiegand converter to RS485

  • Contactless card readers
  • Electronic access systems
  • Security systems
  • Modernization of existing access systems
  • Contactless card reader simulator (RS485 to Wiegand conversion)

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WIE485 Wie485 - Wiegand converter to RS485
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