CANopen Manager API

CANopen Manager API

CANopen Manager API
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Protocolos: CANopen

Características destacadas

  • Full CANopen master functionality including support of the standardized boot-up procedure
  • Automatic configuration of devices on system start-up thanks to integrated configuration manager
  • Local object dictionary with integrated management of network variables including the option to create application specific objects
  • Support of CANopen slave devices in accordance with CiA 301 versions 3 and 4
  • Support for hot-swap of CANopen devices in a running system
  • Simple integration of the application program via a Microsoft Windows DLL with C function interface
  • Communication between PC application and firmware via process data image, command interface and diagnostics interface
  • All functions can parameterized locally via the object dictionary


Software package for the implementation
of complex PC-based CANopen control solutions

The CANopen® Manager API represents an ideal basis for the implementation of complex PC-based CANopen control solutions. This package is also suitable for integration with IEC 61131-3 runtime environments based on Microsoft Windows PC-platforms. Since the CANopen protocol mechanisms are processed on the CAN interface card's micro controller, the full PC processing capacity is available to the application.

How it works

The IXXAT CANopen Manager API provides a comprehensive application programming interface for a CANopen manager which is running locally on the micro controller of the supported IXXAT CAN interface. Every effort has been made to provide the full scope of functionality to the PC application. Thus, the PC application has full control over the process of network initialization and the slave boot-up process.

The programming interface implemented by CANopen Manager API is divided into function categories. Each category covers a clearly defined section of the overall functionality provided:

  • Basic functions for initialization, software or hardware configuration
  • Functions for network management
  • Functions for management of the local object dictionary and for running SDO services
  • Functions for data exchange by means of process data image
  • Functions for state monitoring and diagnostics

Data interface and process map
The exchange of process data with the application program is carried out via a data interface. This allows a complete decoupling of application and communication software. The data interface consists of the following areas:

Process data image
I/O data and other process parameters received and to be transmitted via PDOs are transferred from the application to the CANopen manager and vice versa via the process data image. The organization of the process data image is in accordance with CiA 302 and CiA 405 by means of network variables.

Command interface
The command interface provides the application with all functions for the control of the CANopen manager. These include commands for initialization and checking of the device and system state.

Client-SDO interface
This interface allows access to remote slave devices from the user application.

Event interface
The CANopen manager is informed of important events in the device and the system via this interface.

Diagnostics interface
This interface allows the application to obtain information at any time on the state of all devices in the system.

NMT master
The NMT master implemented in the CANopen manager is able to control and monitor up to 126 slave devices. The system is started according to the standardized boot-up procedure defined in CiA 302. Automatic download of configuration data, restart of a device or of the system in the event of a fault or after failure of the device is also available. Device monitoring can either be carried out via node-guarding or heartbeat. The NMT master can be configured completely via object dictionary entries in accordance with CiA 302. In addition, the NMT master supports an automatic configuration mode. This automatically determines the current system configuration and automatically creates the process data image and network variables.

Implemented specifications

  • CiA 301 – CANopen application layer and communication profile
  • CiA 302 – CANopen additional application layer functions
  • CiA 405 – CANopen interface and device profile for IEC61131-3 programmable devices


Supported target hardware and operating system

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • iPC-I XC16/PCI and iPC-I XC16/PCIe interface board


Contents of delivery

  • CANopen Manager API software
  • Run-time license for one installation
  • Manual
  • Technical support


Order number

1.12.0134.00000 CANopen Manager API


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1.12.0134.00000 CANopen Manager API
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