NB3800 MediaRail

NB3800 MediaRail

NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
Protocolos: WLAN Modbus TCP OpenVPN

Características destacadas

  • EN50155 certification
  • EN45545 certification
  • 1-4 LTE/UMTS/GSM
  • 1-2 WiFi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
  • Quad SIM
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet M12
  • 3 Fast Ethernet M12
  • Up to 1TB local storage
  • Multipath routing, load balancing, QoS
  • Options: audio, RS-232, CAN, GNSS with Dead Reckoning, etc.


The NB3800 MediaRail provides wireless Internet access over LTE and media server capabilities. The integrated storage up to 1 TB and fastest WiFi access points enable data-intensive applications like entertainment and WiFi for passengers.

With its outstanding routing performance, the MediaRail enables next generation passenger WiFi, passenger information, digital signage and multimedia applications. The performant CPU achieves data rates up to 1Gbit/s via the Gigabit Ethernet ports to process data from the train network backbone.

The built-in SSD disk with up to 1TB storage keeps documents, pictures, audio, and video files as well as application specific web page content. A powerful Web server for own web pages, WiFi captive portal software and a media server for streaming audio, pictures and videos is also included.

Equipped with up to four 3G/4G modules which can be bundled, the total bandwidth can be extended to the needs of the intended applications. Especially with passenger entertainment applications, the increased total throughput generates a great user experience. The quad SIM feature and the sophisticated WAN link manager are offering load balancing to achieve maximum connection availability using multiple network providers.The in-vehicle WiFi coverage is enhanced by providing up to two WiFi access points with latest IEEE 802.11ac 2x2 MIMO standard.

Thanks to its port-based subnetting feature, the NB3800 is able to separate different application networks, thus avoiding interferences and guaranteeing dedicated communication paths. Quality of Service support allows prioritizing the traffic to avoid that less important tasks are blocking high priority data transfer.

Available options include interfaces for CAN, RS-232, RS-485, Audio Line In/Out, GSM-R, IBIS and dead reckoning GNSS.

The router software is based on well proven components including an embedded Linux operating system and a powerful communication protocol suite. The device is managed via web browser, command line interpreter or SNMP. Self-provisioning for new software or new configuration is possible. The device can be configured remotely by customer programs via a powerful application interface. Customer specific software extensions may be developed via a sophisticated SDK.

The router is qualified for operating under harsh environmental conditions defined by EN50155 and fulfills fire safety requirements by CEN TS 45545.

  • Passenger WiFi
  • Entertainment
  • Multimedia server
  • Digital signage
  • Remote access
  • Electronic payment systems
  • Ticketing
  • CCTV
  • Dual-Core, 1.3GHz ARM CPU
  • 1000 Mbps ETH to ETH routing
  • >200 Mbps LTE to WiFi/LAN

Especificaciones Tecnicas

Mobile / Cellular1-4 Multimode LTE, UMTS and GSM module with seamless hand-over 4G - LTE/FDD Bands: B1(2100), B2(1900), B3(1800), B5(850), B7(2600), B8(900), B20(800) 3G - DC-HSPA+/UMTS: B5(850), B8(900), B2(1900), B1(2100) 2G - EDGE/GPRS/GSM: B5(850), B9(900), B3(1800), B2(1900) Data rates: LTE max. 100 Mbps downlink / 50 Mbps uplink (DC-HSPA+ 42/5.76) TNC female antenna connectors supporting MIMO or standard antennas SIM slots: 4 Mini-SIM ISO/IEC 7810:2003, ID-000
WLAN / WiFi1-2 IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac up to 867 Mbps 2.4/5GHz 2x2 MIMO, access point or client TNC connectors female supporting MIMO or standard antennas
Ethernet5 Ethernet ports: 2x 10/100/1000Mbps (GbE) auto MDX, M12 connector 8 poles X-coded female, 3x 10/100Mbps (FE) auto MDX, M12 connector 4 poles D-coded female
GPS / GNSSGPS/GLONASS data server with JSON or NMEA data stream, tracking sensitivity -154dBm (typical); TNC connector, support for active and passive antennas Optional: GPS/GLONASS/BeiDu/(Galileo ready), –160 dBm, 72-channel, 2m accuracy, dead reckoning with onboard 3D accelerometer and 3D gyroscope
USBUSB 2.0 Host; USB A connector type
Extension portStandard: RS-232 serial interface Optional: CAN, isol. RS-232 or RS-485, IBIS or Audio M12 connector 8 poles A-coded female
Storage Up to 1TB SSD
PowerStandard - Nominal voltages: 24VDC, 36VDC and 48VDC according to EN50155; Voltage range: 24VDC to 60VDC, -30% / +5%, Max. power consumption: 25W Option - Nominal voltages: 72VDC, 96VDC and 110VDC according to EN50155; Voltage range: 50VDC to 136VDC, ±10%, Max. power consumption: 20W Power Interruption Class S2: interruptions up to 10ms are tolerated, no batteries; M12 connector, 4 poles, A-coded male, Pin1 +, Pin3 -
Environment1 - 4 radio modules: Temperature range EN50155 TX (-40°C to +70°C, 10 minutes 85°C) 5 - 6 radio modules: Temperature range EN50155 T2 (-40°C to +55°C, 10 minutes 70°C) Conformal coating, IP40 with SIM / USB cover mounted, IP52 option
DimensionsWidth 166/190mm x height 121.1mm x depth 106.5mm
MTBF117'000h-296'000h depending on model
EMC Standards (pending)EN 55022:2010, EN 50121-3-2:2006, EN 301 489 (Emission) EN 50121-3-2:2006, EN 301 489 (Immunity)
Type Approval (pending)CE according to R&TTE; Railway: EN50155:2007, EN 45545-2:2013
Order numbers NB3800-2LWac-G NB3800-2L2Wac-G NB3800-2LWacDf-G NB3800-3LWac-G NB3800-4L-G(contact sales for more models, options or project specific adaptations) Dual-LTE, WLAN-ac Router + GPS Dual-LTE, Dual-WLAN-ac Router + GPS Dual-LTE, WLAN-ac Router + 1TB Flash + GPS Triple-LTE, WLAN-ac Router + GPS Quad-LTE Router + GPS

Referencia Descripcion
NB3800-2LWac-G NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
NB3800-2L2Wac-G NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
NB3800-2LWacDf-G NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
NB3800-3LWac-G NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
NB3800-4L-G NB3800 MediaRail High-Performance EN50155 Router with 4G, WiFi 802.11ac and Internal Storage
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