Características destacadas

  • Transmission and reception of J1939 messages (PGs) with up to 1785 bytes of payload (broadcast announce message, connection mode data transfer)
  • Automatic conversion of received messages to parameters and vice versa
  • Use of the database from the J1939 configuration program for parameter interpretation
  • J1939 plug-and-play functionality via address claiming mechanisms
  • Support of several CAN channels and therefore J1939 networks is possible


Software package for the development of J1939
service and test applications under Windows

The J1939 API is a programming interface that allows quick and easy development of J1939 applications on a PC with Windows operating system.The programming interface of the API is based on the IXXAT VCI driver and is therefore available for all IXXAT PC CAN interfaces. Based on the J1939 protocol software from IXXAT, the SAE J1939 API allows complete simulation of J1939 applications on a PC.

How it works

The API supports the implementation of several applications on one CAN interface, which can also communicated with each other. This allows simulation of complete J1939 networks on one PC and is therefore ideal for testing and commissioning J1939 control units. Parameters of a message (parameter groups) are interpreted by using a configuration file, which can be easily generated with the configuration program provided. This enables the definition of application-specific messages. Via various interfaces, the languages C/C++ and Python are available to users for programming of application. Examples for C, C++ and Python are included in the scope of supply.

Hardware requirements

  • PC with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • IXXAT CAN interface card and CAN driver VCI V3


Contents of delivery

  • J1939 API software
  • SAE J1939 Designer
  • Single user license
  • Manual as PDF
  • Example applications in C, C++ and Python
  • Technical support


Further services

(not included in contents of delivery)
  • Maintenance contract
    HMS offers a maintenance contract to supplement the J1939 software package. The maintenance contract includes the following services during the contractual period:
    - Free updates and troubleshooting
    - Technical support


Order number

1.12.0287.00000 J1939 API for Windows

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1.12.0287.00000 SAE J1939 API
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