THT2 - RS485 Thermometer and hygrometer
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Protocolos: Mobus RTU

Características destacadas

  • Measures relative humidity in range 0 % to 100 % (with proper sensor connected)
  • Measures temperature in range -40°C to +123,8 °C (with proper sensor connected)
  • Calculates dew point
  • Calulates temperatures in several units (°C, °F, K)
  • Extreme values memory – THT2 saves maximum and minimum measured-out valu of each quantity.
  • Compatible sensors: temperature and humidity or temperature only (sensor is sold separately)
  • RS485 communication
  • Spinel and ModBus RTU protocols are supported
  • ultra low power consumption design
  • unstabilised power compatible
  • PC software: Wix
  • Connection to PC: Any RS485 converter.
    Tip: There is also sensor like THT2 that connects directly to Ethernet - TH2E.


Main module for digital sensors of temperature and humidity with dew point calculation. Communicaters via RS485 line - up to 1.2Km. Metal enclosure, detachable sensor (not included, sold separately).

THT2 is an intelligent digital sensor for temperature and/or humidity measurement. Humidity is measured in percent, temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, dew point is calculated in degrees celsius as well. Ultra low energy consumption design allows you to create a network of senors(up to 31 un single line) up to 1.2 Km long with only 4 wires (1 pair data, 1 pair power, UTP, STP or FTP cable is recommended.)

THT2 with temperature and humidity sensor connected (not included, sold separately)

Example of the THT2 topology - direct and over Ethernet

Compatible sensors

THT2 is a base module only, no sensor is included. Two types of sensors can be connected to THT2 module (on a cable 1 - 20m):

  • Temperature, humidity, dew point: Polymer sensor on a cable with accuracy ± 2 % RH, underneath a gore-tex sieve. temperature range is -40°C to  +123,8 °C, humidity range is 0 % to 100 %.
  • temperature only: Sensor in metal rod on a cable. Rugged with IP 68 coverage. Temperature range: -55°C to +125 °C

How do I measure temperature, humidity and dew point? 

Windows software:
Our univesal software Wix can work with THT2, it can display, save an dmonitor measured-out values.

Other system integration:
Current temperature, humidity and dew point are easily readable via RS485 line. THT can communicate via Spinel or ModBus RTU protocols. That is to cover common requirements for higher systems integration (PCs and PLCs). If you need to integrate THT2 to your specific system, we are here to help you. In chuch case, do not hesitate to contact us.

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THT2 THT2 - RS485 Thermometer and hygrometer
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